"Imagine cruising in a 90’s era Honda on a rainy night, reminiscing about summer love."


(Forget that you played the part, it's okay that it's over now...)



DRIFTIng back to your side of

the city

you beg, "don't be too long"

i've seen this all before



i'm twisted 

but cautious

i'm hopeless

teenage memories

i'm tracing patterns, babe

i know there's nothing more



giving in to giving it all away

giving in to giving it all away,

uh oh


tell me that you need me

i wanna hear it

i wanna feel you in my dreams​​

"Hurry Now"

You're driving your car with the windows rolled up

Tinted black as much as your heart

Well let me tell you girl you don't have hide

I see countless times that you can restart


I think I should've know how this'll play out

I'm burning time

Signal with the subtlety right from your mouth

You're learning mine

With new cards dealt I’m shufflin 'round

I'm running wild

& now I need you to


Hurry girl hurry now 

Are you afraid of change?

Hurry girl hurry now

You got hearts to break

Hurry girl hurry now 

I have words to say

Hurry girl hurry now, now


Untimely fashion for you to show up 

Appearing straight out of the blue

My friends keep telling me I should leave it be

But you leave the door unlocked for me


& It's true, as fragile as we are

I'll move, I'll jump inside your car

Tell me we can run away

Tell me we can run away

Tell me if you're worth the wait


It was never my intention to leave your sight

homeward bound without you by my side

It was never in my heart to leave you cold

But in a month just know my love won't be outgrown


Just know you've etched your name into my soul

With every memory kept we'll watch each other grow

Just take my word to keep you safe

And soon you'll be in my embrace


Your parting gift to me was indefinite love

And mine to you could never measure up

Just take my word to keep me close

And lend me yours - (I'll) never let it go


"Forever is what we promised to be

Together in love or together be free”


Choosing love is not an option

Cold shoulder all my caution, I swear

I’ve been tired of it all

I’ve been dreaming of the fall for you


Come back around

Turn off all the lights

Come & spend the night, I swear

I’ve been wired for the call

I’ve been dreaming of the fall for you


What else can I do?

What else should I do?


Fire’s burning - how I do I stay?

Another chance is not for my sake, I know

You were gripping at the loss

Any second, any cost

& you’re back in her arms


On & off & on again

How could there be open ends?


Some things never added up

Some things never added up

I know you're somewhere

I know you're somewhere 


Everything has to make sense

But it doesn't right now

Every second missed is a sign that I feel left out 




Must admit,

I'm so gone 


Over things


Must admit,

Sounds so wrong